Friday, 24 September 2010

The Dollyrots

The Dollyrots - A Little Messed Up

Los Angeles’ alternative pop/punk band The Dollyrots have produced another set of fun, offbeat, hard-core progressive punk/pop rock, but mostly pop songs. This collection revisits some of the themes addressed in the band's previous albums, exploring mostly innocent tales of romantic love, lust, rivalry, and adversity. While A Little Messed Up (Blackheart Records) still features the band’s staple of pop/punk rock anthems, it also contains a few early 60s style girl-group, pop songs as well. These songs take full advantage of lead singer/bassist Kelly Ogden’s sweet and sassy vocals.

01 Rock Control
02 Some Girls
03 California Beach Boy
04 Rollercoaster
05 My Heart Explodes
06 A Little Messed Up
07 Pour Tour Jours
08 Big Mouth
09 California
10 Coming After You
11 Let's Be In Love
12 Just Like Chocolate
13 Om Nom Nom

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