Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Tamaryn - The Waves

Tamaryn - The Waves

Following a spate of EPs and singles comes the debut album by Tamaryn, entitled The Waves.

After collaborating with producer Rex John Shelverton (ex-Vue/The Audience/Portraits of Past), Tamaryn left New York and settled in Rex’s hometown of San Francisco to record their first full-length. Whereas Tamaryn’s earlier material was rooted in traditional goth-psych overtones, The Waves represents an incredible step forward in terms of her approach. These nine songs combine driving pop and lush balladry with layered, guitar-driven ethereal atmospheres, against which Tamaryn’s voice, languid and restrained, melts against its surface.

The Waves is a masterful collision of hypnotic psychedelia and bittersweet dream pop.

01 The Waves
02 Choirs of Winter
03 Love Fade
04 Haze Interior
05 Sandstone
06 Coral Flower
07 Dawning
08 Cascades
09 Mild Confusion

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