Friday, 17 September 2010

Jason Lytle

Jason Lytle - music meant to accompany the art of RON CAMERON

"Here is this new CD. It's not a proper "full length album" that will be promoted , toured, talked about, or even acknowledged as "interesting " by me.
So far......I have been describing it to my friends as " a bunch of shit".....or "a reason to clean up my desktop"......or....."something that better not be called my next fucking album because I really dont know if I like any of it".
On the upside has plenty of "Arm of Roger" moments , so those of you who are into "christian-Ween-meets Beavis and butthead meets David Lynch-Mob might like some of it.
Actually was an attempt to salvage some old left overs and apply my appreciation for Ron Camerons artwork into the music. I must admit there are a few o.k. moments.....but it has absolutely nothing to do with what I am working on for the (my) next album.

I dont intend on printing up anymore ...and I plan on burning the hard drive that holds the material in a campfire in Zion National park while Mormon Hawks fly above on 100 degree air currents and look on in relief."

Tracklist :

1. Waiting For My Phone To Dry
2. Birds Builds Nests In Letters
3. Liquid Hyper Tweeker Energy Drinks
4. Lose Weight By Crying! Ask Me How!
5. At The Mall In Klamath Falls
6. My Phone Is Still Wet
7. I Love CA (Intersection Vendor Ending)
8. D.U.I BBQ Checkpoint
9. Dismantle/Rebuild
10. Indie Rock Freestyle
11. The Town Where I'm Livin' Now
12. Still Waiting For My phone To Dry

Length : 45:25

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