Monday, 20 September 2010

Egyptian Hip Hop

Egyptian Hip Hop - Some Reptiles Grew Wings [EP]

When a band achieve great success they often set a ticking time-bomb towards their own demise. To add to the sense of injustice, the bomb will inevitable be detonated by a band who have, at some point idolized and copied the original act. The Strokes? They were fine until a bunch of lads in Leeds got together and called themselves Pigeon Detectives. Elvis? Not a problem until Cliff Richard showed up and ruined everything.

It’s with great trepidation then that you enter the world of Egyptian Hip-Hop, a band who look like a rag-tag bunch of sixth form misfits and did little to impress with their debut single ‘Wild Human Child’ earlier in the year. The involvement of Late Of The Pier’s Sam Eastgate in this band of Mancunian dreamers is a curious one too, as it is his band that Egyptian Hip-Hop most closely resemble. The point of Some Reptiles…, then, is to prove that there is more going on in these four teenage minds than how to best copy the warped pop of their mentor.

Alongside Eastgate, Egyptian Hip-Hop have regularly championed the influence of Ariel Pink and Hudson Mohawke on their music. They have even gone so far as to recruit the latter to produce this EP and with it he brings a sense of fluidity and drive to a band who have previously appeared flighty and aimless.

Some Reptiles Developed Wings tells us a few things about Egyptian Hip-Hop. 1) They most definitely have something special; 2) It’s a long way from being realized just yet; 3) Ultimately these four boys are just weird enough to subvert the norm and create something exciting in the process.

1. Moon Crooner (3:40)
2. Rad Pitt (3:35)
3. Middle Name Period (4:39)
4. Native (6:03)


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