Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Solar Bears

Solar Bears - She Was Coloured In

"Hailing from Ireland; Wicklow and Dublin to be precise, Solar Bears are
John Kowalski and Rian Trench, the sole producers and musicians on the
album 'She Was Coloured In'. They met and formed at Pulse Sound
Engineering School, started recording and were swiftly picked up by
Planet Mu. The album follows in the wake of expectation laid down by
their recent "Inner Sunshine EP" and a series of remixes.

Solar Bears’ music is the soundtrack to a good life. Their song writing
and production has a languid, pastoral grace that intertwines rock and
electronics, twisting melodies through prog rock’s structures and sounds,
occasionally making sharp turns into more tense post rock territory,
sliding between longer tracks and short mood-setting miniatures. The
album mixes analogue electronica with the quietly epic perspective and
shimmering neon synths of late 70’s, early 80’s Kosmiche music and the
synth pop it informed.

‘She Was Coloured In’ starts with the cosmic disco intro of ‘Forest Of
Fountains’ before moving straight into gorgeous watery Rhodes and vocoder
with ‘Children Of The Times’. ‘Twin Stars’ takes huge synth lead chords
and builds up the drama with synthlines anad arpeggios. By ‘Head
Supernova’, we’re floating in beatless ambience, with a miniature that is
reminiscent of chilly 80’s synthscapes. The album starts moving again
with the sophoric trance of ‘Cub’, before synth pop is evoked with the
laidback evocative arpeggios of ‘Hidden Lake’. ‘Dolls‘ pits a children’s
choir against rolling guitars while ‘Neon Colony’ mixes gliding
bottleneck guitar and triumphant synths. The album finishes with
'Perpetual Meadow’s' sleepy sunkissed drone before stopping abruptly and
making you drop down to earth. Spend some time with the Solar Bears."

01. Forest Of Fountains 3:03
02. Children Of The Times 3:05
03. Twin Stars 4:09
04. She Was Coloured In 3:24
05. Head Supernova 2:17
06. Crystalline (Be Again) 4:18
07. Cub 2:44
08. Hidden Lake 3:19
09. The Quiet Planet 3:40
10. Solarization 2:21
11. Division 1:29
12. Primary Colours At The Back Of My Mind 3:12
13. Dolls 4:58
14. Neon Colony 5:05
15. Perpetual Meadow 3:21


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