Thursday, 23 September 2010


Dragonette - Mixin To Thrill

Limited Edition remix/ bonus track CD by Canadian electropop band Dragonette

Dragonette are a part-Canadian part-British electropop music band. They are currently signed to Mercury UK. They originally formed in Toronto, Canada in 2005.

The band is made up of Canadian singer Martina Sorbara, her husband Dan Kurtz, a brazilian that has lived in Canada since he was 4 years old, Joel Stouffer and Will Stapleton (who replaced original guitarist Simon Craig following the band’s move to London). Martina is a successful singer-songwriter in Canada, and Dan Kurtz a member of the popular livetronica trio The New Deal. Martina’s father is Greg Sorbara, Ontario’s Liberal Finance Minister. Martina has since referred to the work she produced as a solo artist as “tampon music”.

All of the band members, with the exception of Will Stapleton (born in London), are from Toronto, but now they all live in West London. Originally called “The Fuzz”, the band’s first gigs were touring the USA as support act for Duran Duran. Since then the band have gone on to support other major UK acts including New Order, Basement Jaxx and the Sugababes. They have recently completed a series of headline gigs in small venues in the UK and Canada, and performed at the Glastonbury Festival 2007. Prior to signing their record contract, the Dragonette (EP) was independently released as promo only and the songs have gained the attention of many critics such as the popular music blog Popjustice where they were named the #1 pop act to look out for in 2007. The band share management with the Scissor Sisters.

1. Volcano 3:32
2. Our Summer 4:20
3. My Things 2:56
4. Easy (Buffetlibre Mix) 4:57
5. Fixin To Thrill (Don Diablo Remix) 7:01
6. Pick Up The Phone (Richard X Remix) 6:09
7. Fixin To Thrill (Villains Remix) 4:46
8. Pick Up The Phone (Francis Preve Remix) 7:03
9. Pick Up The Phone (Arithmatix Remix) 5:18